Your Persistent Assistant

I’m willing to bet that you expected to hear all about how many years I’ve worked, and how I have three kids and a husband.

Well there will be some of that but it’s not exactly accurate.

My thought is that you’re more curious who I really am. 

Well, I’m blunt, honest, and I don’t like playing games with people. You can count on me to tell you what I think because that’s who I am.

I suppose I’m what we’d have called in high school “a geek”. Meaning, I love science fiction and fantasy, I try to go to at least one Comic Con every year, and yes I have a lightsaber that glows and hums sitting on my fireplace mantle. I even normally manage to make it to our area Ren Fest every year to watch things like pretend knights jousting. And yes, I like to think I’m intelligent, though that’s up to the observer. I love to learn and to grow.

I am gladly and gratefully born Canadian (“Alberta Bound” to quote Gordon Lightfoot and Paul Brandt) but happily attained my American citizenship in the summer of 2018.

I married the love of my life in 2008 and currently live in the deep south (jambalya anyone?). No children, it just wasn’t in the cards but I have two amazing nephews and two wonderful nieces (Nothing like being Auntie, I get to spoil them).

What are my goals? 

I want to make a difference in the world. I want to work with people who want the same. To build something lasting, and help others live a better life. The world doesn’t just exist around me, it exists for others too. I fully believe that it’s always best to live life with eyes open. 

So that’s me, but what about my skills and knowledge you ask?

One of my most loved hobbies is computers. I suppose that doesn’t really cover it. I don’t “buy” my computers whole, I build them.

I really enjoy the creativity associated with web design and truly love graphic design.

My most in depth experience is with the hospitality industry. With nearly two decades in the hotel industry, I know the inside out in a way most Travel Agents will never realize, even in Revenue Management.

With so many years in the hotel industry comes extensive experience with customers, problem solving and a deep comprehension of the need for accuracy and speed.

All of this lends itself very easily to an office setting in administrative assistance (in this case, virtual). I have even opened hotels from scratch, and created all policies and procedures an entire company now uses for their multiple locations.

It’s this experience that I will leverage to help your business and career move forward and grow.

And so…

Feel free to contact me via my website or make an appointment online to set up a time to discuss what I can do for you.

Working together to bring methods to the madness.