Not enough time in your day?

The madness of your business stressing you out?

Let Your Persistent Assistant bring methods to the madness
so you spend more time doing what's really important.



About Me and Your Persistent Assistant

Hi, my name is Melissa. With many years of service under my belt, I’m also a bit of a professed geek. That means I love tech (I haven’t bought a computer in years, I build them to my specifications), Star Wars, and doing creative things with my computer like desktop publishing. I take that kind of passion and apply it to anything I’m working on which means I also have a hint of perfectionism sitting in there somewhere.

Having assisted with starting several businesses from scratch, I know how much work it takes. It can feel like you never have a moment to yourself to spend doing things you love like having dinner with your family or simply going out to watch a movie. It can completely overwhelm your life.

It’s that kind of experience that I will apply to assisting you to succeed and tame the madness of your day.